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Utility Pension Fund Study Group


The Group is the industry association of trust investment managers at utility companies, currently 30+ utilities with nearly a half trillion dollars in managed trust assets.


Founded in 1969, the UPFSG's mission is "to improve the administration and investment management of trust assets and related liabilities at member companies by sharing information, regular reporting and meetings.”  Today, the Group's purview extends to all of a utility's investment assets, including 401K plans, NDT assets, etc.  Perhaps because of utilities' traditional emphasis on benefits, members tend to have more experience with pension, investment, regulatory and other disciplines. 


Membership is limited to utility companies.  Dues are billed annually, and most members pay directly from the plan as UPFSG research is held to be directly and substantially beneficial to plan participants.  There are no other subscription or conference fees.

For more information, contact Melanie Green, the Group's Coordinator, at  Sue Carson serves as Secretary to the UPFSG Oversight Committee, and she can be reached at  From 1992 to 2017, the Group's Executive Director was Bill Berkmeier.

Members, resources are protected, so you will be prompted to enter a password to access archives of QuickResponse Surveys, Annual Performance Reports, Conference Synopses (and presentations), and the Member Directory.

Survey Archives



QuickResponse Surveys are originated by members or staff who need immediate feedback from other UPFSG members on a question or topic.  When a member contacts us, we first look for answers in our archives.  Then, we streamline questions to facilitate quick feedback from members so the survey is completed and availalbe to all members wtihin a few days. We usually produce15 to 25 surveys per year.  The last few years are available here, by topic and in chronological order.  This information is proprietary and available only to UPFSG members.

Performance Reports



The UPFSG has produced annual reports of members' investment performance since 1984, storing 30+ years of data.  Each member receives an individual report specific to their plan and compared to the universe of all UPFSG respondents. Whereas cumulative and generic report information is sometimes disclosed, specific information about members' performance is the property of the member and is not otherwise available. 




The Annual UPFSG Conference is held each spring. According to members, it is "the best conference they attend." It's packed into two days, focuses on issues suggested from within the Group, and is largely interactive. Vendor participation at the conference is strictly by invitation and limited to a few firms.


Members receive their personal invitation to attend the conference in January/February. Member participation makes it work!

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