Utility Pension Fund Study Group

The Group is the industry association of trust investment managers at utility companies, currently 30+ utilities with nearly a half trillion dollars in managed trust assets.

2024 UPFSG CONFERENCE Andaz Scottsdale, April 14-16

2024 UPFSG CONFERENCE Andaz Scottsdale, April 14-16

Founded in 1969, the UPFSG’s mission is “to improve the administration and investment management of trust assets and related liabilities at member companies by sharing information, regular reporting and meetings.”

Members of the UPFSG are utility companies, and participants are individuals with investment responsibilities. While members have traditional emphasis on benefits, their experience extends further into pension, investment, regulatory and other disciplines including 401K plans and NDT assets.

The Group’s Coordinator is Melanie Green, and Secretary to the Advisory Committee is Sue Carson. From 1992 to 2017, Bill Berkmeier was the Group’s Executive Director.

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